A new way to produce hydrogen from clean, renewable energy sources

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By using excess solar or wind energy the cost of electrolys hydrogen can be reduced significantly when produced in high volume.

In a paper published in September in the journal Science, the University of Glasgow explained  explain how they’ve created a system that can produce hydrogen 30 times quicker than ever before. 

Finding good methods to store renewable energy for the off-hours has been a challenge. By producing hydrogen using excess energy, renewable power companies could store power and use it later.

Producing hydrogen from renewables has not been easy. One method of creating hydrogen is electrolysis. But that requires constant grid power. This new innovation system allows hydrogen to be produced at lower power loads offered by renewables like wind and solar.

To make it work, the researchers used a strategy of partially splitting water (H2O) molecules, leaving the hydrogen locked in a liquid “sponge” and the oxygen as a gas. To release the hydrogen, the researchers pass the liquid over a catalyst, allowing them to produce hydrogen on demand.

Although hydrogen can be produced from diverse renewable resources already, the main challenge is cost. Most of the cost of creating hydrogen by electrolysis, comes from buying power from the grid. That means this new research is good for the future of affordable hydrogen.


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