Looking for best methods to save energy in any industry?

Climate change, CO2 emission

An atlas of pollution: the world in carbon dioxide emissions

What are the best (proven methods) to save energy in any industry?

We made a summary of possible technical solutions that can decrease the amount of used energy and energy waste enormous.

Let’s solve your CO2 footprint. Please take action.

  • The Method is How You Managed the energy. Energy Management System is The Best Method. Focus on 5 scope of Energy Management System:
    1. Infrastructure/Facility
    2. People
    3. Process
    4. Systems
    5. Equipment
    Do it Step by step: first education of staff, than a long term view that will determine a strategy, and short term plan to maintain competitive aspects. These points with company philosophy, because competition bring us to economic war which is not compatible with a modern view of “croissance”. A company which is growing can have a monopolistic view, but in an environmental manning, we will consider the development of territories and most particularly the one that bring the company to success. With a world view…
  • The Biotechnology team has patented technology that converts vinasse (waste residue produced during manufacturing of alcohol) or any kind of industrial waste water into by-product of high income profit
  • One shouldn’t under-estimate the opportunities of saving energy by having optimized and efficient operational practrices and procedures with existing equipment stock – link to ‘Institute for Industrial Productivity’
  • The ROI of LED is determined by a few variables such as the cost of kwh, how long the lights are on and how many watts each bulb is. Pricing has come way down, check this
  • Murray Crawford: “We have halved (after paying for all
    the cost of installing solar panels) our power costs with the installation of solar panels.”
  • For industrial processes, waste heat recovery is by far the most effective way to save energy. The complication is in knowing what the real value of the waste heat is and how it can be most economically recovered. This can range from simple improvements to heat exchange, improvements in cost of steam supply to demand users or full blown process units revamps and cogeneration units. For many refineries this represents a good percentage increase in bottom line profits: Waste Heat Recovery Power Systems
  • David McDonald, CEO at Global Greenhouse Solutions: “Later this year we are testing a very special solar PV film invention that will eventually become a “Paint-On” solution for any building (in the not-too-distant future). It works vertically, and even in moonlight….”
  • A list with the top 5 measures for industrial businesses
  • What energy waste reductions can take place via behavioral change? This has typically seen 30% waste reductions across the board.
  • What hardware needs replacing or upgrading? 20 – 30% waste reduction of the overall balance usually experienced.
    And then: please let SNEW recollect your old hardware
  • Correction of errors in the system like Parallel cables carrying different current sharing.
  • Compressed air system ( Tuning of loading unloading of compressors if any) Air leakage, misuse of air, selecting proper discharge pressure, Size of Air cylinder etc.
  • Air conditioning system by proper insulation of building, windows doors etc.VFD operation on air handling system etc.
  • Lighting – Using proper supply voltage and avoiding overvoltage by automatic Voltage Regulator
  • Heat recovery Systems like from Echogen
  • In addition to all of the above, implementing Eco-Industrial park will be of so beneficial. When industrial waste heat is used to satisfy cooling demand for nearby residential district, this will yield a perfect match.
  • Pump & blowers consume huge amounts of energy ( typically 20% of worlds energy is used by rotating machines). In our experience 15 – 20% of the energy used today can be saved by energy efficiency measure such as
    1) selection of correct pump / blower
    2) selecting a correct pump / blower to run, when a bank of these run in parallel to meet process needs
    3) refurbishment of assets
    4) energy efficiency coatings
    5) variable frequency drives
    6) improvement to pipework etc for more details check out our website www.AEMS.co.uk
  • Using Permanent Magnet Motors:1. Energy savings resulting from much higher efficiency than induction motor solutions: up to 20 points better efficiency
    2. Savings on machine manufacturing and transportation costs: up to 60% lighter
    3. Lower servicing and maintenance costs: shorter drive chain
    check this
  • solid maintenance practices are the keystone to World Class Maintenance, which leads to World Class operations. These are the best practices


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