Boeing and NASA cooperate exploring Hydrogen Energy

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A hydrogen burn igniter test in progress. Six igniters are fired at every launch and they produce the sparks everyone sees just before liftoff

Boeing and NASA are working together using fuel cells to provide electricity for its planes instead of the onboard generators commonly in use.

A small lightweight system can be developed to extract hydrogen and carbon monoxide from the jet fuel, and use those gases in a solid-oxide fuel cell, which requires much less jet fuel to generate the same amount of electricity. 


Catacel’s (a small company, developing a catalyst with the potential to benefit their fuel-cell system) can make the hydrogen-production process more efficient for these industries, reducing their carbon footprint while saving them money on fuel. 

Catacel is also part of a project under the Department of Energy to adapt its technology for use in carbon-capture devices.

Want to know how a solid oxide fuel cell works? Watch this video


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