Building carbon-negative is a reality

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Buildings made of straw bales and hemp construction, can have zero heat requirements, they are saving money and reduce CO2 emissions.

ModCell is one of the first products to make large-scale, carbon-negative building a commercial reality.

The system utilizes the excellent thermal insulation qualities of straw bale and hemp construction to form prefabricated panels.

The construction offers super-insulated, high-performance, low energy ‘passive’ buildings to be built using renewable, locally sourced, carbon sequestering, sustainable building materials and can be used in offices, schools, housing and commercial buildings.

This innovative, offsite-manufactured wall and roof cladding system can be quickly and efficiently installed, creating buildings with thermal performance up to three times higher than the current building regulations require. Therefore the construction is certified as Passive House specification.

Ecological footprint

As a result, sustainable buildings of straw bale and hemp construction can have zero heat requirements, saving money and CO2 emissions.

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