Buildings can still save a lot of energy

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The AMC’s LED bulbs will be tested first before placing them on a large scale

Existing buildings can save much energy by taking energy-saving measures that will reduce your energy bill quickly.

Suzanne Oudmaijer, energy coordinator at the Amsterdam Medical Care Hospital (AMC) “With proper adjustment of systems we can accelerate energy savings.”

The AMC joins the long-term agreements for energy conservation. This means that each year, the AMC will raise its energy efficiency by 2%. The hospital is obliged to participate in the European system for trading in CO2 rights and has been build in the eighties.

Set of actions

  • adjust the ventilation control according to the working hours
  • tweaking the rules for heating and cooling
  • prevention of short-circuit currents
  • introduce LED lighting in the hospital
  • solar panels above the car park, while upgrading the parking lot

The AMC’s LED bulbs will be tested first before placing them on a large scale to make sure that unwanted effects will not prevail.

Environmental awareness should be profiled

Increase the public environmental awareness by making it visible through your actions. Solar panels for example, score well, especially if visitors can see them. Sustainable is an image issue.

There is increasing focus on energy and sustainability. But I think it’s important that we just look at ourselves: How can we do better?

Existing buildings can still save a lot of energy. To do so doesn’t need the most complex solutions.

At the AMC, we have saved 600,000 euro’s per year with simple improvements such as better control of the installations.


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