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Step by step the economy is changing from a linear to a circular process

The opportunities of a circular economy are already proven in a lot of research reports. The most important: Carbon, Jobs and Resources.

It still will take a few years when all industries, businesses, governments and citizens work together to reduce our primary material consumption but the awareness is growing.

In this dossier we show you possibilities and best practices. Want to know more about criteria, frameworks and measuring tools to transform Europe to a circular economy? This is the link – Roadmap to a Circular Economy in Europe

We can close the loops

Unilever CEO Jeff Seabright, member of the RE100 (The world’s most influential companies committed to 100% renewable power.)

Vehicle Battery ReUse Solutions

Closing the landfills

Remanufactured demands

Carbon footprint

Eco (modular) design good practices

Potentials for ReUse

Urgent: 10 million tons of recycled materials haven’t have a home to go to – yet!

Economy & Jobs

Prevent spills

To transform to a circular economy we need:

  1. Global Standard Framework – a definition of waste, e-regulations, best practice and a stimulation of demands (proven business models)
  2. Quality targets and standards for materials and C2C products certifying
  3. Design – new product design that ensures complete and efficient recycling and reuse of materials
  4. Tax on waste instead of tax on labour (Sweden 60% tax on labour, 6% tax on waste)
  5. Economic incentives to increase demands
  6. Insight into processes (data)
  7. Changing the word Waste into Valuables!

Models, Guidelines, Surveys, Checklists, KPi’s and more

European guidelines that aim to support the organization and management of your smart grid project and/or product development process

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Climate change and water


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