Clean Drinking Water Technology cleans over 2.4 million gallons a day


BLW-7D 3 channel industrial water purifier treats 225,000 gallons/day

BLW-7D 3 channel industrial water purifier treats 225,000 gallons/day

Dr. Will Hawkins jr. developed a great new clean water technology which makes fresh drinking water out of industrial water and raw sewage water.

The technology is capable of treating industrial water over 2,400,000 gallons per day! Why waiting? This technology supplies millions of people in dry area near the ocean of fresh drinking water. Get in contact.


The disinfector creates a neutral PH of 7. However, by combining more electrodes, they can create a higher PH or 8.5 and more. It comes with 2- 12 inch long 4 mm thick copper electrodes and 2- 6 inch long 2mm thick silver electrodes. You can also exchange either electrodes for magnesium, zinc, or tin electrodes. They does have platinum, palladium, gold and rhodium electrodes available for an extra cost.

NASA goes for silver

Scores of independent tests have shown that silver promptly kills bacteria in water and maintains water purity over long periods of time. After testing 23 methods of purifying water, NASA has chosen silver as the purifying agent on the Space Shuttle program.

Silver was used to provide shuttle crews with pure water for drinking, air conditioning, food preparation and other operations. By using silver at 100 parts per billion, NASA totally eliminated the need for chlorine in their water!  

7 to 14 days to deliver

The delivery time is about 7 business days (unless you order the optional platinum, gold, rhodium, or palladium electrodes. Delivery time will then be up to 14 business days).

Keep in mind that they do have much larger systems, capable of treating over 2,400,000 gallons per day. It costs $70,000.00.


  • Standard: treats up to 80,000 gallons per day – $27,000
  • Comes with UV light charging chamber and plumbing accessories
  • Input voltage: 48 VDC (option of 90v) from our internationally approved switching power supply for any country (100-250 Volts AC input).
    This supply should be electrically powered directly from the pump connection so that ionizer is off when there is no water flow
  • Power consumption: 10 to 48 W Max. load independent
  • Input power: 100 to 250 v AC, 50 TO 60 HERTZ to our supplied internationally approved switching power supply
  • Output voltage: Controllable and Adjustable by the user from 0 to 48 VDC for Precise control of Ion Production. High 48 voltage is needed to combat low electrical conductivity of pure water
  • Stability: Permits the ionization of a wide range of waters from sea water to distilled water. Feedback control circuitry ensures that current is independent of load and will not overload with highly conductive salt water or short circuit
  • Temperature limits: 32 F (0 C) min. to 140 F (60 C) degrees max.
  • Standards: Meets or Exceeds UL, CSA and NSF Standard
  • Warranty: 5 Years on manufacturing defects.
Dr. Will Hawkins, Ionizer1

Ionizer1 Industrial water purifier treats over 50,000 gallons a day. It comes with Industrial Silver and Copper Electrodes and labyrinth antenna

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Houston TX – USA
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