Costs of sea water desalination are going down

Desalination, fresh water, drinking water, sea water, reverse osmosis, climate change

With Memstill, it is possible to desalinate a cubic meter of drinking water for 0.50 Euro cents from seawater.

Less water is always the best option.

But in case of a shortage of fresh water, nowadays the preparation of drinking water from seawater is a great alternative.

And the costs of sea water desalination are going down.

Thermal desalination has been overtaken by reverse osmosis and that led to some major changes:

  • the proces is much cheaper
  • the energy consumption during the proces has decreased sharply








 An overview of new technology that can meet the demands for clean drinking water

  • With electrodialysis, it is possible to desalinate a part of the seawater. An after-treatment with a reverse osmosis system can be done with much lower pressure.
    And it is possible toe remove the sulphate during the proces, to prevent the membranes against pollution
  • A step further is the application of reverse electrodialysis. Then we transport the salt ions through the membrane instead of the water itself. The first Dutch pilot plant has recently been commissioned.
  • It should be possible to desalinate sea water by bringing it into contact with fresh water streams like the effluent of treated wastewater.
  • mempowerDesalination, fresh water, drinking water, sea water, reverse osmosis, climate change

    The MemPower does not only drinking water but also electricity.

    The MemPower does not only drinking water but also electricity. This combination has recently praised the Forum in Saudi Arabia.

Start-ups with new innovative desalination technologies

Salt Tech

Salt Tech – brings DyVaR distillation evaporator technology on the market for salt water streams that are difficult to treat with reverse osmosis. The first drinking water system has been built in Memtone, Texas.

High Voltage Water

High Voltage Water has developed a special electro-statical nozzle that sprays seawater much finer. The technology increases the efficiency of distillation evaporators. The first pilot plant is being built.

Elemental Water Makers

Elemental Water Makers has found a way to cope with fluctuations in solar energy for a constant process of reverse osmosis. The first plant supplies the Virgin Islands in the Caribbean Sea with fresh water.


Solteq has found a way to convert wind energy directly into pressure for the reverse osmosis process. The first plant is under construction in the Colombian island Johnny Cay in the Caribbean Sea.


Aquaver brings the vacuum membrane distillation technology to market and builds the first plant in the Maldives in the Indian Ocean.


BiAqua has been specializing in preventing fouling of reverse osmosis membranes by removing sulphate.



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