Danish World Record: 42% electricity is wind power

wind mill park at the North Sea

Wind mill park at the North Sea

Denmark has established a world record: in 2015 42.1% of all electricity was generated by wind power.

The Danish government is a strong advocate of wind energy.

In 2020, the Danish goal is to produces 50% of the electricity by wind turbines. This goal will be achieved before.

Each year, the share of wind power does increase significantly.

  • In 2009, for example, ‘only’ 19.4% was generated out of wind
  • In 2013, wind turbines generated about 39% electricity
  • In 2035, more than 85% will come out of wind power

Large coast

Benefit for Denmark is that the west coast is well suited for wind turbines. The level of the North Sea is quite low and almost every day, winds are great for the wind mills.

Too much green electricity

Sometimes, the Danish wind mills provide too much energy. One day in July of 2015 they generated even 140% of the total domestic demand. Denmark sold the excess energy to Sweden, Germany and Norway. Norway can store electricity in hydroelectric plants.



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