Dossier Renewable Energy Storage Systems

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The aluminium battery can be charged and discharged 7,500 times, without hardly any loss of capacity.

In order to decrease temperature rising and replace fossil energy, we need to change to renewable energy sources. But what energy storage solutions do we have?

Which one – or which combination – do we choose? And why?

In this dossier, we will give you an overview of all kind of Smart Grid renewable energy storage systems. Including:

  • case studies
  • related companies
  • promising brand new research developments

We need to store electrical energy during times when production (from power plants especially intermittent renewable electricity sources such as wind power, tidal power, biomass power, solar power) exceeds consumption and when additional discretionary load is turned on but consumption is still insufficient to absorb it.

Overview latest energy storage systems

Thermal storage systems

Promising systems


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