Dozens of America’s east coast cities face routine tidal flooding under climate change


Flooding will plaque the East Coast of the VS

Tidal flooding should be one of the biggest concernes of dozens of America’s east coast cities. Researchers said that cities have to face routine tidal flooding under climate change.

Flooding in Miami?

Miami – where the habitudes of South Beach are used to sloshing through water at high tide – will deploy new pumps this week to hold back the waters of the King Tides, the highest annual high tides, which are projected to crest at 3.5 feet (1.07m).

Other cities are going to have to undertake similar measures if they want to avoid soggy streets in the future.


The report, Encroaching Tides: How Sea Level Rise and Tidal Flooding Threaten U.S. East and Gulf Coast Communities over the Next 30 Years, from the Union of Concerned Scientists (UCS), found most of the towns on America’s east coast will see triple the number of flooding events by 2030.

By 2045, those towns will see 10 times as many tidal floods – and those floods will seep further inland, and last longer. Many coastal towns already see dozens of small tidal floods every year, typically lasting only a few hours.

The frequency of such events is marching upwards because of sea level rise – which at some points along the east coast is more than twice the global average.

Washington DC

Some east coast towns have recorded four times as many flood days as in 1970, the report found. Washington DC, which already experiences flooding from the Potomac river during hurricanes, will see chronic flooding – with 388 occurrences a year by 2045, according to the report.

Coastal cities could cost $1 trillion a year

Add in the risks from sea-level rise and sinking land, and global flood damage for large coastal cities could cost $1 trillion a year if cities don’t take steps to adapt.

Be prepared!

Protection and preparation are especially important. A devastating flood in a key city can stall the entire economy. Preparation will save lives and money in the future.


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