Energy-efficient smart buildings that respond to changes in their environment

Green officesThe European project Greener Buildings – composed of companies from several countries, including Technical University of Eindhoven and Philips – has developed a novel service oriented architecture applied to building automation systems, achieving reductions in energy consumption and improvement of comfort by monitoring user activity. 


Efficient energy usage inside the building

The main objective of GreenerBuildings is to achieve a more efficient energy usage inside the building while ensuring user comfort. GreenerBuildings has gone one step further from traditional building management systems, not only with the deployment of sensors for ambient and light data gathering.

Also other sensors capable of monitoring the specific activity a user is carrying out at each moment. All of it by installing a great number of wireless sensors and actuators throughout the building, capable of communicating among them and collectively forwarding their data to the system.



The project carried out pilots in several buildings in Netherlands, achieving savings of up to 20% of electric consumption.

Surveys conducted clearly showed that the system maintained or improved in certain cases the user satisfaction in relation to comfort perceived.

GreenerBuildings has been funded by the Seventh Framework Program of the EU, and its duration has been three years. Project Greener Buildings is successfully completed.



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