G7 agrees on ending global warming

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Stephen Harper (Canada), Barack Obama (USA) and the other G7-leaders agreed on the 2015 climate deal

In their final declaration, the G7 word power nations agreed collectively on an increase of maximum 2 degrees Celsius compared to 1990. Together we will tackle climate-fragility.

Environmental organizations Oxfam Novib and Greenpeace, responded positively. Especially the fact that Japan has resigned, was seen as a surprise.

German Chancellor Angela Merkel, said that it was not hard to convince Japan. 


The agreement of the G7 involves a transformation of electricity generation towards renewables and nuclear by 2050. And they said fossil fuel should not be burned in any sector of the economy by the end of the century.

Decarbonizing the world

In her closing press conference, Merkel, this years chairman of the G7 said the de-carbonizing the global economy is gonna start now.

Five of the seven countries in the world that use the most fossil fuels, belong to the G7. The agreement is a significant step towards the UN climate summit in Paris in December this year. In Paris, China will join a well.

“The change to 100 percent use of renewable energy has been clear contoured. With its decision, the G7 there permanently sops coal abjure,” said Greenpeace energy expert Tobias Meyer Munch.

Reducing CO2 emissions

Jorn Kalinski from Oxfam Novib called the statement “a step forward”. It is a welcome signal that the G7 has called for an energy transformation and has set a target for reducing CO2 emissions.


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