Green and smart building design with 4D

Green and smart building design with 4D

Stop your carbon footprint. You can save energy with much more comfort than you can image. Built green

There is a new way of building, called Smart Building Design Europe.

The building projects bring the eco-building vision into reality.

Green design and sustainable construction can achieve massive energy and environmental savings without forgetting the importance of architecture and aesthetics.

4D simulation program

Smart building design is a collaboration of businesses in the Netherlands. Together they are improving building concepts because they work with a 4D simulation program. Not only green materials, renewable energy sources and water management are included. They also simulate the building situation in the environment, calculating the impacts of licht, wind, air and the sun direction.

In this patented program all available materials and technics for air, heat and ‘air-conditioning’ are included. The program calculates the best combinations for a green, carbon neutral, smart building.

Every green element will be an exhibit in itself with detailed explanations of materials, manufacture, and the contribution made to making the building carbon neutral and how this impacts daily lives.

Cheap and Fast

So most of the time is spent on the preparations starting from scratch. After that, the delivering companies exactly know when the have to deliver their products. With this excellent calculation approach, the building process takes a fraction of the normal building time.

What about the people?

Of course Smart Building Design knows it’s about people, not buildings. Therefore the designers that the people who will have to live of work in the building love the thermal comfort in the buildings with low-energy coolings and flexible (working) spaces.

The engineers’ approach is always to harvest nature’s “free” resources such as air, water and light, rather than sealing nature out and relying heavily on mechanical systems, as occurs in conventional building. The results are amazing: up to 80% energy savings and buildings that provide health, comfort and productivity of occupants as well as respect for the environment.

Stop your emissions

The International Energy Agency (IEA) estimates that existing buildings are responsible for more than 40% of the world’s total energy consumption and 25% of global carbon dioxide emissions.


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