How does Natural Resources Conservation fit into to delivery of the SD model to the masses?

Sustainable world integrated SD Model

Sustainable solutions involve all: people, planet, profit.

Would applying 8 sustainability criteria as summarizes in three pillars look something like this for housing? 

UN Agencies have promoted at the Rio+20 summit areas and practices as models for sustainable development such as Biosphere Reserves.

Before discussing the SDG we should get a clearer idea about what it means to be a model including ‘best practices’. 



  1. Attractive – Designed by local architects, assembled on a line, finished by local builders
  2. Accepted – Energy efficient, electronically transparent, non-conductive, termite proof
  3. Realistic – Safer, stronger, & longer lasting than other building enclosures
  4. Easy to understand – Same skeleton structure as wood & steel
  5. Visible and tangible – Identical as designed seamless neighborhood fit
  6. Reproducible – Custom homes or identical units framed on jigs for accuracy
  7. Measurable – Owner surveys, higher resale value, less maintenance
  8. Assessed continuously – Lower monthly insurance, utilities, & mortgage


  1. Attractive – Any style , size, or shape building with local materials for any cultural design
  2. Accepted  – Green, disaster resistant, resilient, with up to 21 LEED points
  3. Realistic  – Environmentally responsible: reuse, reclaim, re-purpose & recycle
  4. Easy to understand – Simple supervised production line assembly
  5. Visible and tangible – Dwellings without hurricane & flood damages
  6. Reproducible – Low cost lines turnkey in any country
  7. Measurable – Number of buildings made each shift
  8. Assessed continuously  – By suppliers, internal QC, and code inspectors


  1. Attractive – 38% minimum plant operating profit custom or spec homes
  2. Accepted – Most resilient and lowest cost of all traditional building systems
  3. Realistic – Network trained, supervised, monitored, with new technology introductions
  4. Easy to understand – Living-wage jobs and economic development to self-sufficiency
  5. Visible and tangible  – Open books from others in the network
  6. Reproducible – Same method of calculating costs & margins used by all members
  7. Measurable – Reports detailing network conformance
  8. Assessed continuously – Continuing consultancy & governmental accountability


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