Wind Energy Pros & Cons

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Extol winds is amongst the first to achieve the stringent GL-2010 guidelines for it 1 MW ‘Ex-55’ model.

Wind energy is one of the oldest sources of power in human history. Wind power was used to pump water for generations.

At this moment there are all kind of wind generators.

From very big stations build on land or sea, to small ones. Mexico introduced a few months ago even an Hybrid Solar / Wind Energy Tower.

When sufficient wind is available in a remote, isolated grid area, Wind Turbines can significantly reduce energy costs. In some regions up to 80% of energy need, can be met by wind energy.

The wind turbines ranges from 2 to more than 6 megawatts from rotor diameters between 10 to more than 152 meters..


  • It’s clean, renewable energy
  • The wind blows almost all the time. It’s a good system to buffer for power peak demands
  • Costs are relatively low and continue to decrease
  • Abundant domestic supply
  • The power is free
  • The break-even point of energy storage and transmission could change dramatically in the future
  • Can be used almost anywhere
  • The land can still be used for farming and cattle grazing


  • Like the sun, the wind is not always steady and predictable
  • In most of the cases, wind power stations rely on government subsidies to remain competitive because of their high rate of maintenance
  • Wind farms are often considered to be an eyesore and noisy
  • Wind stations are causing bird lives
  • This turbulence from spinning wind turbine rotors increases vertical mixing of heat and water vapor that affects the meteorological conditions downwind.
    Overall, wind farms lead to a slight warming at night and a slight cooling during the day time. This effect can be reduced by using more efficient rotors or placing wind farms in regions with high natural turbulence.
    Warming at night could “benefit agriculture by decreasing frost damage and extending the growing season. Many farmers already do this with air circulators”

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