HydroGuard Flood Barrier for Houses and Buildings

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The Hydroguard protects your house, office or large building against flooding

They started out at the 17th of September and as for today, the 30th, they have eighteen days to go at the UK crowdfunding platform Indiegogo: The HydroGuard, “the ultimate flood defence barrier” for private homes and bigger buildings.

So, just before the middle of their acquisition term at this rather popular platform, how are they doing? Let’s see –

  • How much do they need? 50 thousand British Pound (€ 64,330 or $ 81,065)
  • Collected up to today: £6,137 (€7,899 or $ 9,951)


Mhm… things could go a bit better for the sympathetic company behind it. Why aren’t they speeding up? Is it the product? Or could it be the crowdfunding platform itself? Or maybe it is the fairly good wetter for this time of year, even in the UK.

It certainly can not be the excellent Indiegogo pitch, really

It’s happened more than once that Hannes Floto, founder of HydroGuard, has had his belongings completely ruined in a flood that consisted of just inches. Reflecting on his bad luck, Hannes decided to develop a better solution: the HydroGuard.

HydroGuard is the world’s first affordable, one-size-fits-all flood barrier that uses sliding technology. It fits to any door, and it does not require permanent changes to the property. It creates a premium alternative to sandbags, which are often ineffective, difficult to store, and one-time-use due to sanitation issues.

Top 20

HydroGuard was listed in the top 20 UK best inventions for 2014 by the Gadget Show Live. We’d love to tell you more about HydroGuard if you’re interested! 



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