Interactive Highway for a sustainable future

sustainable infrastructure, glowing lines, smart roads

This is really sustainable infrastructure: glowing lines lighten drivers and warn them for unsuspected icy roads

Contribution to a sustainable, green future – and ensure save roads is possible, with this interactive smart highway lightened by glowing lines.

Dutch designer Daan Roosegaarde uses special sun-charged paint that glows in the dark for as long as 10 hours. 

Moreover this interactive paint indicates icy weather conditions by becoming visible in freezing temperatures. 

The lines charge at day-time and glow at night (for 8 hours). Using these glowing lines ensures the safety of drivers and contributes to a energy-neutral future. The goal is for creative designer Daan Roosegaarde is to make roads which are more sustainable and interactive by using light, energy and road signs that automatically adapt to the traffic situation.

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