LED Street Lights Are Energy Savers

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High-intensity discharge lamps (HID lamps) work by the standard of electric driven release. HID lights make more effective lighting resembling the alike convention as the sun lightweight and are energy efficient

The benefits of converting to LED street lights are many:

Carbon neutral local government is about taking responsibility for your carbon footprint and emissions. Going carbon neutral is a powerful way of demonstrating leadership and pricing carbon helps make the case for business decisions that support the transformation towards a cleaner economy.


  • The LED lights have a lifespan of 20 years compared to the old high pressure sodium lights that had to be replaced every six years
  • The LED lights use 50 to 60 per cent less energy compared to the traditional street lights
  • For an average city, LED street lights will also reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 324,000 tonnes over 20 years

Citizens experiences

Citizens may see a change because of the span of where the lights go is different than the high pressure sodium. The light is brighter, more efficient and more direct

Conversion program

It may also be a good time for a city to update their lighting standards and policies to reflect current practices and standards. Turning this into the conversion program is wise. Beyond a conversion program, the city should consider LED lighting on new projects such as those born from development and local improvement.

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