Old electric car batteries

Can and should we repurpose them?

CO2 converts into Ethanol

Slow down the Climate Change

Wether goes crazy

Bizarre Climate Records

Zero energy

ReUse - ReUse - ReUse

Skyward Solar Power

Integrated Energy Solutions

Green Power

7 reasons why

CO2 converts

into Valuable Carbon Nanofibers

What if

by 2050, the world would be green

The future is urban

Challenges for future mega cities


Built 1 house in 1 day by 1 person

Zero Carbon 2050

Breakthrough Tech from the sun, air ...

Let’s solve your carbon

roadmaps to reduce your footprint

What do we do? Wait and see?

Sea Level is rising fast

What can you do?

Reduce your carbon footprint


Business Park Development

Energy Special

Smart Grids & Energy Storage Systems

Best Wishes for You and Your Love Ones

Transitioning to a World

Climate Change

Pressing needs II

Pressing needs:

water in urban area

Smart City infrastructure

Don't spill a drop of water

Sao Paulo gets dehydrated

Ideas for a better future

World leaders climate debate

Flood solutions

Flood protection special

Number extreme floorings double

Renewable Energy

Trending Solutions

Better World Solutions

Water - Energy - Sustainable

Clean Drinking Water

In dry area

Close the energy gap


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