Plastic Recycling to top quality final products

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With every kilogram of recycled plastics, we save 2.5 kilogram in CO2 emissions

When plastics are recycled and reused, the world saves oil and energy (CO2 footprint).

99% of the annual 850,000 collected tonnes of plastics are successfully reprocessed in the Netherlands. 

Van Werven international

99% of the plastics we handle can be re-used in high-end products such as car dashboards and pipelines, which can be recycled over and over again. Recycled plastics, which are ready for re-use help many multinational company’s to reach their sustainable development goals.

With every kilogram of recycled plastics, Van Werven saves 2.5 kilogram in CO2 emissions.

Recycling & reuse plastics

Plastics are the countless useful applications in our societies. Using them as insulation material saves a lot of energy. Also, the low weight from plastics in cars and packaging, saves energy. The end of ‘old’ energy sources as oil, and the global strive for lowering energy consumption makes it necessarily to recycle and reuse all plastic garbage.

Custom innovation

Van Werven and his team developed a devising machine for each type of plastic.

Every material has it’s different proporties. At this moment, about fifty people per shift, handle large volumes of plastics – some 60,000 tons a year. Therefore, Van Werven is the biggest industry in the European Union, processing mixed plastics in the EU.

Sorting out

Plastics are sorted in different types such as PET, HDPE, PVC, LDPE, PP and PS. Only 1% of the waste is burned in the Netherlands. All he other plastic are processed into a granulate of which new products are made. From sewer pipes and flood defences, to car spare parts and fleece.

Plastics in cars

A car for example is containing about two hundred pounds of plastic. It’s important to reused as much as possible. In the Netherlands the recycle costs have been paid from a disposal to consumers on the price of new cars.

Van Werven is the plastic recycling innovator from the Netherlands. They have developed a unique treatment and process for post consumer plastics, which is followed at facilities in the Netherlands, UK, Denmark and Germany.


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