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SLAMdam: easy movable dam

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Also, the SlamDam can be used for creating a bassin for reception of contaminated firefighting water

The revolutionary Dutch invention SLAMdam is an innovative flood barrier that can be placed simply by only two people. And after that you just roll it back to manageable size. A big step forward in safety of your life and home when the water is rising.

No more sandbags at your door! No danger of water, very hard work and days of time. Instead you build this SLAMdam in half an hour. Much easier and faster! The SLAMdam® can be used as

  • a floodbarrier
  • a bassin
    for example holding chemicals together


Length and shape of the dam are unlimited because SlamDam parts to attach easily to each other.

  • The SLAMdam has been extensively tested scientifically during the development, including in the experimental fields at the Technical University in Delft – the Netherlands.
  • It has the global safety certification TÜV PAS1188-2: 2009 which is a recognition of the reliability and safety.
  • Thanks to the high-quality material, SlamDam has a warranty of ten years on the material.

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