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Mudtrap: Circular soil water management

The Mudtrap collects and disposes mud

The Mudtrap collects and disposes mud including the bound phosphates by dredging

The Mudtrap is a circular water (soil) management solution because it collects and disposes mud including the bound phosphates by dredging. 

Do you need to clear the water from a thick sludge layer that adversely affects water quality and quantity? Then use the Mudtrap.

Dredging is necessary due to the continuous accumulation of sludge waste, plant debris, leaves, soil, and other fragments. This settles on the bottom of rivers, lakes and ditches and will eventually result in hinder water drainage.

Mudtrap Dredging

It is important that the sludge is removed. It’s common to remove the sludge every 8 to 10 years. Traditionally, by crane or slider boat. But this method has a negative effect on the ecology of the water.

To sustainably improve the quality of the water MH Waterzaken developed the Mudtrap®. Using the Mudtrap means that the sediment remains in the desired state, and it avoids damage to flora and fauna by traditional soil water.

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