Rainwater harvesting infrastructure

Water shortage India

3.5 million people in Delhi have shortage of clean drinking water

Does your city has shortage of water? And do you want to collect all the water that comes in? Is your space precious? With this Aquaflow® system your city collects rainwater in roads, transports it to the recycle plant so you don’t have to spill any drop of it. 


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The space for rainwater storage arises because the road foundation is built with multiple broken stone with 40% voids. The salvage deflates by infiltration (on sandy soils) or delayed drainage to avoid that the ground drops down because of lowering ground water levels. Multifunctional land at its best: ditches and ponds disappearing under roads and parking lots.

Aquaflow offers cities their knowledge and experience. They give advice about the best infrastructure to collect the water for your city.

  • Works can be done by local contractors.
  • The pavement will be made in your country by a local company.

Water from roofs and streets

Climate change, rainwater storage, water reuse, infrastructure in cities

Aquaflow water harvesting combination with asfalt and tarmac, especially for roads and garages

The rainwater from roofs as well as from streets fits into the road foundation. The water from the street usually drops off by water passing or porous pavement.

But it can also be through a special AquaFlow WT swirling or Aquaflow water trip in the gutter with asphalt, tile or solid paving. Water from roofs can be connected above the ground or underground.

Recollect water on roofs

A multifunctional roof, such as a square on the roof of a parking garage, can be used to buffer water. For this purpose the Aquaflow system adapted to the demands of a roof: waterproof, low height and lightweight.


  • buffering and storage of rainwater
  • purification and capture of pollutants
    • heavy metals
    • hydrocarbons
  • slow drains or filters
  • complete design freedom
  • utilization of rainwater
    • usage of toilets
    • hydrate gardens
  • high quality of materials and construction

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