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Slingshot: the ultimate seawater purifier

Dean Kamen, who invented the Segway and several groundbreaking medical devices, has put a decade of work into a water purifier that he calls the “Slingshot.” This idea worth tens of millions of lives. The name is a reference to the story of David and Goliath — to Kamen, waterborne disease is a Goliath of a problem, and technology is the slingshot.


Dean Kamen’s Slingshot water purifier and Stirling generator tech – low cost water and power for the developing world

The water purifier Slingshot uses a fraction of the power of alternatives and a Stirling engine based power generator works on a standard electric grid, solar cells, batteries, or even methane from animal dung.

  • The $ 1,500 water purifier will produce 1000 liters of water a day!
  • The $ 3,700 generator produces around 1 kW, which is enough to deliver light to a small village.

The Slingshot system of vapor compression distillation basically boils and then condenses any dirty water source.

In a partnership with Coca-Cola, Kamen’s firm DEKA Research and Development brought Slingshot to communities in need of clean water in parts of Latin America and Africa. Interested in cooperation? Look below and contact Dean.





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