Purifying industrial water without chemicals? It works!


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Axine industrial wastewater purifier without chemicals

Axine Water Technologies launched a chemical free, plug & play system to purify industrial wastewater. The system is low-cost, and purifies problematic industrial water.

To all the industries that still discharge their wastewater in rivers, the world demands them to decrease their water footprint and start recycling instead of polluting. 

Save money and spare the world

This is a major step forward for industries who still aren’t recycling and reusing their wastewater.Investors are exited because this solution is treating high concentrations of complex, toxic organics and ammonia in industrial wastewater solving a multi-billion dollar problem for much companies who want to save.

Former Total E&P Canada president Jean-Michel Gires about the Axine solution: 


The purifier is a symple but highly energy-efficient, scalable system that treats recalcitrant and non-biodegradable organics and some inorganics (up to 10,000 mg/L COD) at lower cost.

The design is modular. And it can be seamlessly ‘plugs into’ existing treatment plants, targeting specific pain points without disruption to current processes.

This is how it works

Axine makes modules that are filled with cells that use electricity to create a reaction. The wastewater flows across the electrified cell, and any particles in it are oxidized. The byproduct is pure hydrogen, which can be collected.


Axine Water Technologies Inc.
Vancouver, Canada
W. axinewater.com




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