Roadmap with proven integrated and sustainable water resource approach

water use cycle st

Sustainable water management cycle

Water is world wide a fundamental resource challenge.

Also for California – with its very fast growing cities as Los Angeles and San Francisco. Water planning and management is a critical underpinning of California’s economy and environment.

This roadmap ensures an integrated and sustainable water resource approach.

The impacts of climate change and weather variability, including potentially higher uncertainty in the magnitude of the Sierra Nevada snowpack, rising sea levels, and the prospect of increasingly severe and variable wet-dry conditions throughout the state.

Climate change issues, and a growing population, threatens the future availability and quality of California’s water supply.

The aging of this infrastructure, combined with climate change impacts an a growing population, increases the difficulty for the state to adequate water supply for its residents, agriculture, businesses and environment.

Roadmap for clean water resources

  • Innovation and policy action have delivered significant benefits and are essential for a sustainable water supply
    Advancements in science and technology such as low-flush toilets and drip irrigation, deployed through appropriate policy actions and economic incentives, have contributed to significant water savings and/or improved water use efficiency as demonstrated by high-level economic metrics (water use per capita, water use per dollar of GDP).
  • The water use cycle frames this issues and opportunities
    This system approach clarifies many opportunities for science and technology innovation implementation. Both using new technology and through expanded application of proven technology. Innovation opportunities exist at both the individual cycle block level and across the cycle as a whole
climate change, sustainable water management cycle

water use cycle

  • An integrated systems management approach is a key to achieving multiple benefits
  • The need for a comprehensive integrated data information system with real time data is pivotal to implementing a system management approach
  • Opportunities abound for near and long term policy action and implementation
water footprint, water management, integrated approach, climate change, water level, water data

Individually and collectively, many of these innovations lend themselves easily to policy action to encourage implementation and a broader level of public awareness, understanding and support.

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