Sewer heat power on the verge of a major breakthrough

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Hydrea pipe recovers heat in the sewer (ESCO)

Recover heat from the sewer. The technique is not new, but was hardly used in the Netherlands.

Now the efficiency of the technique increases, a breakthrough is coming.

With heat from sewers up to 50% of the total energy consumption of households can be recovered and it is a clean form of renewable energy. 

Heat exchangers

With special sewer pipes, heat is extracted from the rinse water of the pool and the sewage from the surrounding residential area. The recovered heat is used directly to heat the pool. This is done with the aid of a heat exchanger and a heat pump.


Heat power can be recovered in existing sewer pipes. There are several techniques available. At the demonstration site various materials were exhibited.

Visitors were afraid that the heat winnning wastewater would be excessive cooling and purification would be disturbed. But this fear is not justified. The temperature of the wastewater will be maintained


The cost of a project depends on the size and performance to be achieved. The payback period can vary from five to twenty years. Most of the heat exchangers are connected on the outside of the sewer pipe, This heat can be transported and stored in a heat storage system like this water tank which can retain more than 90% of the energy.


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