Shale Gas, Pros & Cons

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Fracking uses toxic chemicals

Shale gas requires an aggressive method of collection since it is buried deep in the earth under many layers of shale.

The most popular method of collecting shale gas is hydraulic fracking, a relatively new technology, which has become quite controversial. 

Wyoming is the first US state that has reached a settlement on January 26, 2015 with oil and gas frackers. Now they have stricter chemical disclosure rules and have to be more transparent.

But the financial and other benefits of fracking are too great to stop it, despite the risks. US researchers reported: “we will have to deal with fracking for many decades ahead. Investments in fracking are also likely to delay needed global investments in clean energy (efficiency and renewables).” It’s needed to take time to develop a safer, more responsible way to access shale gas, while investing heavily in more sustainable sources that will ultimately obviate the need for it.


  • Delivery infrastructures already exists and end user appliances are widespread
  • Used extensively for power generation and heat
  • Cleanest of all the fossil fuels and it burns efficiently
  • Almost no SOx, NOx or soot when burned
  • No ashes or other residues
  • In much countries gas gas plants are set by at peak moments because it quickly can give a lot of energy
  • Can be used to makes plastics, chemicals, fertilizers and hydrogen


  • Fosile fuel which emits carbon dioxide when it’s burned
  • Contains 80-95% methane, a potent greenhouse gas (GHG)
  • Energy penalties at every stage of production and distribution
  • Energy use competes with use for chemicals and fertilizers
  • Environmentally dangerous
    • Water pollution due to runoff of fracking chemicals
    • The used water with toxins absorb in the underground including arsenic
    • Fracking has been linked to earthquakes

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