Solar Power Pros & Cons

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At this moment, researchers are evendeveloping solar panels who can produce energy at night!

Are there any cons for Solar Power? Yes of course but households can contribute with solar panels on top of their houses and so reduce greenhouse gasses.

But… These systems tend to be small scale and are certainly not the silver bullet to solve our energy challenge. Solar Power would make a huge difference, as one aspect of a multifaceted solution.

In California a giant Solar Power Plant is connected to the grid. India is targeting 10,000 of Solar Power to fuel stations and Nigeria expects 1,200 MW of Solar Power to 2017.


But most important. Almost anyone is able to invest in solar power. As the cost of solar electricity is falling, solar power is also increasingly being used even in grid-connected situations as a way to feed low-carbon energy into the grid

The varieties are many, prices are going down rapidly, and the efficiency is boosting. And at this moment, researchers are developing solar panels who can produce energy at night!


  • Clean, renewable energy
  • Available nearly everywhere
  • Well suited for distribution generation
  • No moving parts required, no noise nor pollution
  • Little or no transmission required
  • Decreasing prices and minimal maintenance
  • New solar cells produce energy during the night
  • The first organic solar cells are introduced


  • Requires inverter to produce AC current
  • Requires storage or grid connection for continuous use
  • Raw materials like silicon dioxide of either quartzite gravel or crushed quartz are often used in thin-film systems
    there are already organic 
  • Fragile materials
  • Technology risk: a much better system might come out next year

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