Stop high floods with one push on the button! Up to 10 meters high quay wall

This Block-It wall protects up to 10 meters flood

This Block-It wall protects up to 10 meters flood

This Block-It wall comes up with one push on the button. The whole area behind is protected against high floods. This concrete wall is provided with an intelligent independent operating system.

Every knows the life expectancy of high tech concrete substance is more than 100 years! And … this wall is also suitable in areas with flood threats as ports and along coastlines.

Do you want 1 meter high? Fine. If the area needs 5 or even 10 meters high, that’s no problem. This wall is perfect for river sites in urban areas. And when it’s down: it’s fully integrated in the road.

The Block-iT wall is a permanently mounted, computer-controlled, fully automatic temporary water barrier of high strength concrete to solve recurrent flooding in a sustainable manner by placing a concrete floor on the housing with a built-in hydraulic height-adjustable wall. And when it’s down and integrated in the streets, cars and trucks can drive over it without any problem. 

Fail prove – alternative operating systems

Even if the electricity fails, Block-It is provided with 3 alternative ways to let go the wall upwards or downwards.

Climate change and rising sea levels require different damming techniques. Not only for the public space, but also for providing water resistance to buildings and risk running underground facilities (subway, tunnel, basement, utilities, etc.). This wall protects your area against all flooding.

Linkable modules

It is a permanently mounted, computer controlled, fully automatic temporary water barrier made of high strength concrete to solve recurrent flooding in a sustainable manner. One into the ground mounted concrete house with built in hydraulically in height adjustable walls. Available in linkable modules of variable lengths up to 130 meters and 10 meters high in one piece.

The hydraulic system is secured by three accumulators for safe operation during power outages. Including a separate mechanical system which can be operated by hand safe operation during power and hydraulic outages and accumulator failure. Frostbite is prevented, however, in polar regions a de-icing system used. Closing functioning with self-cleaning system and therefore silt and (fine) sand no chance, no
matter above or below water. Operation can be carried out by a pulse signal, given by a number of signal generators of several varieties.


  • At low tide, no inconvenience from construction
  • Miles long distances within 1 minute into position
  • Invisible to fit in all situations with any desired surface pattern
  • 100-years warranty
  • No human (failure) factor
  • No logistical worries
  • Insensitive to heavy traffic
  • Invulnerable to theft or sabotage
  • Invulnerable to salt – during the winter
  • Insensitive to overtopping
  • Linkable with sheet pile walls and fleece foils against piping
  • Intelligent independently operating system
  • The construction can withstand very high collision forces from, for example articulated lorries or ships



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