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Novoflow Fully Scalable Pilot Plant PNF-01

Solutions for sustainable water use, have become, without a doubt, a matter of global importance.

Due to the change in climate, it is necessary to take preventive measures to ensure, the availability of sufficient drinking water for our community.

Novoflow (Switzerland) offers an efficient and highly advanced water treatment technology using (nano)filtration units and is specialized in reusing water. For industrial water and domestic waste water.

The system ceramic disc

This system works on the basis of ceramic filters. Due to its special operation, it is possible to purify water for different purposes in a simple way. For example:

  • for industrial purposes (used in the treatment of industrial process water)
  • the medical industry where there is need for clean water.

The system is not only effective but also economical and easy to maintain, and uses minimal energy.


The dirty water is pressed against the rotating ceramic filters. The water infiltrates the interior of the filter while the residue remains on the disk. Due to the rotational movement, the dirt is removed and thrown away. Furthermore it has a self-cleaning function.

The hollow fiber system

This system is highly suitable for the treatment of water. The hollow fiber system provides facilities with a substantial savings in space and power, purifies large quantities of water with low levels of pollution in a profitably way.

Undoubtedly, the solution for large amounts of wastewater and industrial waters. Both small or large scale, the effectiveness of this system has been demonstrated numerous times.

Self cleaning, easy to use

The system performs a self-cleaning regularly, which allows continuous operation, resulting in savings of both: time and money. The double membrane coating ensures a long service life. The system can be used as ‘stand-alone’ but also as part of large water treatment plants.


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