Textile industry can save 90% on water

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Workers at a jeans factory must search through wastewater every morning to scoop out the stones, which are washed with the fabric in industrial washing machines to make stonewash denim.

With a new technique, the water consumption in the textile industry can be reduced to 90%.

Other benefits include are a lower energy consumption. For this application process, there are no adjustments required.

On June 1, 2015 an European consortium will start to test the new technology and will take 3.5 years to demonstrate at full industrial scale on-site.

Dry regions

This “EColoRO concept” technology is a solution for textile factories in water-scarce regions in the world and a good alternative to the existing energy-intensive purification of sewage water.

The concept EColoRO

Electro coagulation is the basis of the EColoRO concept. This makes it possible to remove 93 to 96 % of the pigments / dyes from the waste water. Thereafter, the water can be filtered with the aid of membranes (ultrafiltration and / or reverse osmosis). The result is approximately 10% loss by evaporation and remaining water in concentrated streams.

According to Eric van Sonsbeek, director and co-owner of EColoRO

“This is an example of an environmental measure with a great impact that does not cost money, but saves money. He estimates the payback of a plant in Europe in two to four years.

European Consortium

The European research program Horizon 2020 is funding the project with a budget of 4.8 million euros. The other participants in the consortium are

  • The Flemish Institute for Technological Research (VITO)
  • The Czech company InoTex Ltd
  • The Dutch company Morselt Borne BV
  • The European federation of textile manufacturers EURATEX


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