Upfall water saving shower system saves 90% water and gas

Climate change, water crisis, up fall water system saves water and electricity

90% of your water and 90% of electricity or gas is saved by the Upfall Shower

The Upfall shower stops your water and energy waste. Never feel guilty anymore about your long showers? This shower reuses the water every time you take a shower.

A patented invention of Dutch origin, the Upfall shower saves up to 90% water and 90% gas/electricity while providing a luxurious amount of water!

Benefits of the Upfall Shower Systems

  • Reuse of water
  • Saving up to 90% water
  • Saving up to 90% electricity or gas needed for heating the water
  • Remove up to 100% of pathogenic bacteria 
  • Self-contained functional system that can be installed in large scale settings such as hotels, cruise ships, sport centers, vacation centers, swimming pools and of course houses

The Upfall hybrid shower consists two systems:

  1. A regular shower
  2. The upcycle shower that gives you an abundance of water to shower
    (25 l/min), while using only 1 liter/minute

The regular shower

The regular shower is the shower as we know it. This shower is for washing with extreme soap. It is a powerfull water saving hand shower on a rail. This allows you to operate with a separate shut-off valve and thermostat that controls the temperature. Use this shower with open. 

The upcycle shower

A small  (patented) water reservoir in the shower tray is closed. If it is closed, press the touch control. The blue LED will start flashing. The reservoir is filled with water and the Upfall upcycle shower starts. Approximately 5 gallons of water per minute is falling down from the 12 inch overhead shower. This water will be kept at your desired temperature and refreshed constantly.

Never feel guilty again

Now you can enjoy the upcycle shower session. You don’t need to feel guilty about wasting water. Enjoy 5 gallons of warm water each minute from the 12 inch large shower, knowing that you consume no more than 0-0,5 gallons per minute. Normal amounts of soap and shampoo are not a problem.


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