Volvo Ocean Race – every 37 seconds a piece of plastic rubbish

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Team Brunel sailing skipper Bouwe Bekking worried about plastic soup in Indian Ocean

Skipper Bouwe Bekking from Team Brunel reported: ‘A bit of a sad message. Why? There was so much plastic in the Indian Ocean.

I started counting in several intervals of 10 minutes, for a duration of four hours, to get a good average of the amount of plastic what I could see floating by. Every 37 seconds I saw a piece of rubbish floating by!

Indian Ocean

If you also take the smaller pieces of plastic into account which are not clearly visible to my eyes, the result of ocean pollution is devastating.
Imagine that I can see only 50 meters to the windward side of the boat, so only covering a tiny bit of the ocean. I am not a scientist nor a researcher, but the total weight rubbish floating around in this part of the world must be enormous.


It nearly looks like that rubbish has been dumped in the ocean on purpose. Please people get your act together, think about the sea life living here. This in the long run will have a negative effect also on human beings as well, not being able to consume fish anymore.


  • About 10% of marine litter is discarded fishing gear, which often kills or injures marine animals and seabirds
  • Many plastics break into ever smaller pieces, which can then enter the food chain
  • Around 36% of the world’s seabird species or fish have been reported to ingest marine litter
Plastic Soup, Team Brunel. Ocean Volvo Race, pollution, climate change, sea, oceans, recycle

Sailor of the year Rokas Milevičius Team Brunel

Rokas Milevičius sailor 2015

Besides this negative news, I would also like to bring you some positive news from the Indian Ocean. We have a very proud and happy sailor here aboard Team Brunel after being named sailor of the year in his country Lithuania: Rokas Milevičius. For the time being he is a true ambassador for our sport, putting sailing on the map in his country, with several newspapers and TV following the race.’Source: Team Brunel


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