10 Amazing Wind Turbines


The Magenn Air Rotor System (MARS) is the next generation of wind turbines with cost and performance advantages over existing systems. Follow this link for details.

This Top 10 amazing Wind Turbines is for shore where ‘Art meets Technology’.

These wind turbines are beautiful and practical works of art that pay back daily. For households, offices, industrie.

Placed at free windy places it’s a great contribution to the urban smart grid.

Solar electric technology gets most of the spotlight but there are other alternatives available.

These systems are quiet, reliable, bird friendly and getting cheaper. Small wind turbine technology will continue to improve and drop in price. It is an alternative worth considering if you live in a place where the wind blows a sufficient amount of time. Let’s show you our selection.

Top 10 Wind Turbines


  • Liam F1 Wind Turbine

    Liam F1 Wind Turbine

    1. Liam F1 Urban Wind Turbine

    A whisper quiet wind turbine based on Archimedes

    The 75-kg (165-lb) 1.5-meter (5-ft)-wide Liam obviously doesn’t look much like a typical turbine. It draws on the form of the nautilus shell, and the screw pump invented by ancient Greek mathematician Archimedes.

    The Liam F1 generates an average of 1,500 kilowatt-hours of energy [per year] at a wind-speed of 5 m/s [16.4 ft/s], which resembles half of the power consumption of a common household.


  • Magenn Mars wind turbine

    Magenn Mars wind turbine

    2. Super Efficient Floating Wind turbines from Magenn

    The Magenn Air Rotor System (MARS) is the next generation of wind turbines with cost and performance advantages over existing systems.Wind turbines at ground level produce at a rate of 20-25%, but when placed at altitudes from 600-1000 feet, energy output can double.

    Ottawa-based Magenn Power is in the prototype stages of the world’s first floating wind turbine. Follow this link for details.


  • bird inspired blade wind turbine

    bird inspired blade wind turbine

    3. This is the Helical Vawt Wind Turbine

    This is a home made Wind Turbine with PVC blades. We appreciate the Artistic elements to the design. When that is coupled with the clean energy production you have a win win scenario. Kudos on the project!


  • Wind Serpent Wizard Turbine

    Aligned at the optimal angle, each rotor receives its own wind, increasing efficiency.

    4. Wind Wizard

    Another creative design is this Wind Serpent developed by Doug Selsam.

    The prototype 25-rotor turbine that can produce three kilowatts of power. The other end is held aloft by a balloon.

    Selsam says two rotors is just a start. Someday he sees his multi-rotor turbines stretching for miles across the sky. “We can go big,” he says, “and make turbines using this technique that are way more powerful than anything in our wildest imagination.


  • Architectural Wind Turbine

    Small, modular wind turbine

    5. Architectural Wind Turbine

    AV developed a small, modular wind turbine system designed for installation on buildings in urban and suburban areas.
    By eliminating the support tower, reducing noise and vibration, and creating a sleek and adaptable, modular housing that installs quickly and easily onto buildings, without penetrating the roof, AV defines a new category of wind energy systems that adds value to buildings and demonstrates clean energy at work.
    More specific information can be found in the product literature PDF here.


  • Strata Tower London

    Strata Tower London

    6. Strata Tower London

    The Strata tower is the first skyscraper with three wind turbines which should generate 8 percent of the power needed for the 147 meter high tower. The aerodynamic shape of the walls should make the turbines extra efficient. But the rotors hardly ever run. It’s beautiful but failed prestige project.


  • Sheerwind Invelox Wind Turbine

    Sheerwind Invelox

    7. Bladeless Sheerwind Invelox Wind Turbine

    SheerWind simply uncovered the INVELOX – a passage  based wind or tunnel based wind turbine that can create up to 600% more power than other traditional wind turbine.

    The Invelox – an intake of 4.5 meters and an output of 7 meters – should yield 600 to 800,000 kWh per year.

  • FerrisWheel

    FerrisWheel Rotterdam

    8. The FerrisWheel

    The young Dutch WindWheel company has released an architecture design for the wind turbine of the future: the FerrisWheel.

    The energy and ambition of Dutch WindWheel Corporation is contagious. They are convinced: This wind powered FerrisWheel, will be the green icon of the future.


  • Wind bridge turbine design

    26 wind turbines would produce 36 million kilowatt hours of electricity per year!

    9. Wind Bridge renewed Italian design

    Started with a first concept in Miami’s design district, the Wind Bridge has had a metamorphose in Italy by some your designers.
    The new SolarWind concept (follow this link) would have solar cells embedded in the roadway and an array of 26 wind turbines underneath, which the designers say could produce enough energy combined to power 15,000 homes.


  • renewable energy, hybrid energy tower Mexico

    This revolutionary hybrid wind/solar energy tower is 2,235 ft high and 1,200 ft width.

    10. Hybrid Solar Wind Tower

    Mexico is making history with this hybrid solar & wind energy tower. Have you ever seen this? The simplicity of solar/wind energy’s revolutionary solution lies in its ability to harness the natural power of a downdraft created when water is introduced to hot dry air within the confines of the Company’s patented tower structure.

    For more information, click here.

Newer designs allow turbines to be driven by shifting winds from all directions. Some of these units can be mounted directly to roof tops.


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