10 tips for a good conversation

10 tips for a good conversation

A good conversation is like a miniskirt; short enough to retain interest, but long enough to cover the subject

What is the secret of a good conversation? We give you 10 tips. Why?

Every day, we talk with customers, friends and colleagues.

At home, at work and in the pub. And still most of us are not very good at it.


In this TED talk, radio host Celeste Headlee gives you 10 practical tips.


10 tips

  1. Stop multitasking
    Set down your cell phone away and make sure you’re fully involved with all your attention. Do not think of other things. Be present. If you want to end the conversation, end the conversation. But do not sit while you’re already somewhere else with your thoughts.
  2. Do not pretend you know all
    Pretent you can learn during each conversation. Also put your ego and own opinions aside. Remember, everyone you will meet knows something you do not know.
  3. Ask open questions
    Start your questions with words like who, what, when, where, why or how. If you ask the other person if something went well, he says yes or no. Imagine, asking open questions, will offer you much more interesting answers.
  4. Keep your concentration
    Probably you will get 101 minds when your conversation partner is talking. There are things you want to say. Things you want to ask. Set those thoughts aside and keep listening.
  5. If you do not know something, say you do not know.
    Don’t give your full of bravado opinions or conjectures as established fact.
  6. Your experiences are not equal to the ones of your conversation partner
    When someone talks about something he or she she has been going through, do not tell what about your experiences. It is not the same. It’s never the same. All experiences are personal. And equally important: it is not about you.
  7. Do not repeat what you’ve already said before
    It’s boring, condescending and we do it very often. Again and again we repeat the point that we want to make, each time in slightly different words. Do not.
  8. Keep away from details
    Others find all the exact names and dates that you can remember often not so interesting. They give much more about you and what the two of you do have in common.
  9. Listen
    Listen sincerely. Stephen Covey said once: “Most of us do not listen to understand but to respond.” Listening is perhaps the most important skill you can develop.
  10. Keep it short. Or, as Celeste Headlee shut her story: “A good conversation is like a miniskirt; short enough to retain interest, but long enough to cover the subject. “

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