12 tips to increase your business online

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Online marketing tips to boost your business

Do you want more online attention and increase business?

Branding your business with a limited budget?

We give you free low costs tips and will help you to get the attention you need.

So when you have solutions in the sectors Water, Energy or Sustainable Infrastructure, let us know. And of course we can’t do it alone for you so here we go.

  1. Claim, verify, and update your Google Local listing. Google Local Listings have been absorbed into Google+, and Google+ is of course a preferred tool for Google to bring websites on top op the list! So manage your Google Local Listing.
  2. Find a niche social media site that suits to your business and go for it. Be helpful, provide relevant and useful information, and your word of mouth advertising will grow from that engagement. Search your niche or service plus forums to find ideas. Examples:
    1. LED Grow Light Forum

    2. Solar Forum – Solar Energy Discussion Board

    3. UN-HABITAT: International Forum on Urban Poverty

    4. BetterWorldSolutions on Water, Energy and Sustainable Infra

  3. Of course you do have a Google+ page for your business. But you can do more: follow businesses that are related to your product. Share informative and relative content and link to your profile from your website. And are Google+ members allowed to put +1 your content?
  4. Set up and verify a Webmaster Central Account at Google
  5. Want to know what’s happening on your site? Install Google Analytics. This program gives you a lot of information and it’s free. Where do visitors click, what content is ignored. Make changes based on this knowledge.
  6. A clean and relevant incoming link profile is important; cleaning up bad links is a necessity until we can tell Google and Bing (create a Bing Tools account) which links we want them to ignore.
  7. Ever though of Pinterest? Share your photo’s on this channel and inspire people.
  8. Tell your story, start a blog. And give a lot of attention to SEO in your text and photo’s
  9. It’s not difficult to make a video with your basics. You can even make a video from a slideshare and share it on YouTube. Be sure to optimize your video with spoken text or music, ad a title and descriptions. Once it’s uploaded, write a new blog page and embed the video on your own site.
  10. Business to consumers? Than Facebook is yours. Build a Facebook Page and work to engage those that are interested in your product or service. Create groups, events, and photo albums. Link to your Facebook profile from your site and allow visitors to your site to like and share your content.
  11. Do you want your customers to know where to go to? Build a map at Google Maps and add descriptions for your storefront, locations, and nearby useful points of interest. Make your map public and embed it on your own website. Add links back to relevant content on your site if possible to each point of interest.
  12. B2B, share your beautiful product or concept with BetterWorldSolutions. We help you to increase your business.
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