5 Easy Steps to Reduce Water in Industries


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Industries: decrease your water footprint

Out of 3% water water is consumed for industrial purpose. The increasing world population will also increase industrial water consumption.

Experts think of 15-20% by 2030. But we are running short of water, world wide. So what can industries do to reduce their water consumption?

Industrial water is needed for plant and equipment cooling, production and product painting. Mostly processes which remain the same for years and years.

1. Ask

So the first step for a change is ask your employees what savings can be realized? Let them think and start innovative ways to reduce water conservation.

Involving your people is a win/win/win situation. They are excited to see their idea is working. The direction is enthusiastic to watch the savings (in money). And it’s great for the future of planet earth.

2. Start measuring

Also – start measuring. How much water did you use in former years, now and – with new measures – in future. Also measuring is important to recognize peaks times, locations, leaks and equipment.

3. Sprinklers

Reduce the uses of water sprinklers and ensure that the sprayer angle is perfect on product. If you use triggers stop water flow, this will reduce water flow without affecting performance.

4. Recollect, recycle and reuse

Ever heard of recollect, recycling and reusage of water for tap aerators, showers and more? Savings are up to 90%! And don’t forget to modify the toilet systems using recycled water and separate flows for urine and poop.

5. Cooling tower

Installation of cooling tower to recycle water with efficient refrigeration loop can save up to 25% of total water consumption. Also you can save water by reusing Centrifugal pump seal water, vacuum pump seal water and reuse condenser water for steam makeup.


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