5 Easy Ways to Reduce Waste

Reduce, recycle, refuse, remanufacture, stop waste, industry, circular, green economyThe U.S. Zero Waste Business Council is a great resource in Southern California for businesses striving to achieve Zero Waste, or who want to substantially reduce their waste.  

In Europe, the movement towards a circular economy is growing. Check out and find ways that you and your business can reduce waste today. There is no time like the present and, while you work towards reducing your waste, you can also be reducing costs and improving your bottom line.


  1. REDUCE: Reduce the purchase of over-packaged items, Print less (not every email needs to be printed out) and print double-sided
  2. REUSE: Provide water fountains/drinking stations so employees may refill reusable water bottles. Encourage the use of reusable items wherever possible.
  3. RECYCLE: Make sure Recycle bins are prominent and next to trash cans; Make sure you know WHAT can be recycled in your area (coordinate with a recycling company, so you get paid for your recyclables)
  4. REFUSE: Refuse items you don’t need. Do you need a phonebook at every desk? Do you need every free item given at conferences/meetings? Will you use them or will they end up in the trash?
  5. RE-TRAIN: This is important to ensure employees are following your waste reduction policies. A basic training on the why/how/where will help employees and help your company. Recycle bins are just trash bins if no one knows to use them.


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