5 storm surge barriers closed because of heavy weather

Delta Works keep Holland dry during storm

this is the storm barrier Oosterschelde, the biggest of the storm surge barriers in the Netherlands

For the first time in the Dutch history, water managers decided to close all storm surge barriers in the country:

The Netherlands closed all five storm surge barriers as winds reach up to 110kph. The storm has led to widespread disruption on the roads, on the railways and at airports. Some 252 flights to and from Amsterdam’s Schiphol airport were cancelled because of the strong winds.

Video Hartelkering


Never before the Netherlands had to close all five major storm surge barriers at the same time. Until yesterday Januari 3, 2018. They were closed because of the high water level and the stormy weather.

The storm surge barriers are part of the Dutch defense against the water. They are needed because about 60 percent of the country is vulnerable to flooding from rivers and because about a quarter of the Netherlands is below sea level.

Climate change

Due to the flood barriers, the Netherlands is the best secured delta in the world. But what would happen if they did not work? With more than 6 meters sea level rising, about 90 percent of the country disappears. So let’s try to keep the carbon in control.


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