7 steps to write the perfect speech

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7 steps to write the perfect speech

You are invited for a golden moment. Your speech, your presentation!

It’s a milestone for your business. But than? What do you do? Well, we make it a lot easier for you to write the speech that changes the life of your audience. And yours will change as a result.

Follow these 7 steps and let us know what the impact was.

For most of the people, getting started is the hardest part. Because you are wondering: ‘What should my message be? Or even worse: What should I talk about?

1. Step away from your computer

Before you start to write, first think about your audience: who are they, what are their problems and how can you help them. Use a flip over or just paper and make some drawings with keywords. This is the basic line for the strategy in your speech.

2. One idea

Your audience is only going to remember one idea from your presentation. So you need to pick your idea strategically. What do you want to be known for as a speaker?

And than: Every story you tell, every sentence you create, relates directly back to that big idea.

3. Give your audience exactly what they need

Instead f starting your presentation by answering the question, ‘What should I speak about?’, you need to find out ‘What does my audience need from me?’ or ‘How can I serve my audience with this message?’

Give the answer on what the audience knows or needs to know about their topic when they walk into the room. Give your people what they need, and you’ll have them coming back for more of what you can offer them.

4. Plan your call-to-action

Before writing, answer this question:

What is one action that you would like the audience to take as a result of hearing you speak?

Don’t sell. Solve their problem or impact their lives and earn your pitch.

5. One hour preparing for a one-minute speak

On average, you need for every one-minute you speak, an hour preparing and practicing. Take that time. Take enough time to prepare and practice your speech.

6. Different forms of writing

There is not one best way to write a speech. Find out the one that works for you. Make your choice using:

  • Mindmap
  • Storyboard using Post-it Notes
  • Outline your presentation
  • Script it out
  • Plan it out in your mind
  • Create it in PowerPoint (but don’t use it as your PowerPoint)

Or choose your own way. Experiment, play, and find out what works best for you.

7. Ask for feedback

Most of you are experts. This is great but this also means, you are (too) close to your own ideas. Your audience has the beginner’s mindset. So please, get help and ask for feedback! From amateurs.

Don’t get stuck writing your presentation! Follow these strategies and make it easy to write your next presentation. Link to the most impressive speeches


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