8 tips using solar panels

Green energy, solar power, pope, vatican

Now the world has a ‘Green’ Pope

In addition to the traditional use of solar panels there are more inventive ways.

Think of solar panels on heritage or on parking lots.

And even the pope loves solar power.

We hope to inspire you with these examples.

  1. Solar panels on roof tiles
    You can buy solar panels as tiles for your rooftop.

    solar tiles

    These solar panels are integrated into the roof

  2. Solar tiles
    A second option is created when solar panels are placed instead of roof tiles.

    green energy, solar power, tiles, electricity

    Solar tiles

  3. Film Layers
    A third option is solar panels as a ‘film’ layer.

    green energy, solar power, tiles, electricity

    Films as solar panels

  4. Solar panels on a green roof
    A roof was originally intended for shelter but is now wider deployed. There are plenty of examples where roofs are covered with green or even vegetable gardens, combined with solar panels to generate electricity.

    green roof, electricity, green energy, solar power

    Green roof combined with solar panels to generate electricity

  5. Car parking is facilitating electric cars
    What to think of a parking deck with solar panels where the generated power back electric cars can recharge?

    solar panel, green energy, parking lot, electric car, climate change, footprint

    Solar power on a parking roof. Electric cars can ‘plug and play’

    Exclusive locations

    What about the following unusual locations:

  6. Solar power lightens the Vatican

    Green energy, solar power, pope, vatican

    The world is happy with this ‘Green’ Pope

  7. Solar panels on the Blackfriars Bridge in London

    Green power, UK, London, BlackFriars, solar power, electricity, footprint, climate change

    Green power from the BlackFriars bridge in London

  8. Solar power for football stations

    Solar panel, solar power, renewables, grid, Ajax, Amsterdam, sustainable city, carbon footprint, climate neutral

    Solar power lightens football stadion Ajax Amsterdam


Send us your special location

Also given special panels in special places? Let us know.


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