A 10 mile waterfront park will safe lower Manhattan


BIG Team/Rebuild By Design

BIG Team/Rebuild By Design

In future a ten mile waterfront park, designed by architectural team was the Bjarke Ingels Group, will protect lower Manhattan against floods.

After hurricane Sandy (2012), it was clear for New York City that the city needs some flood protections.

In 2014 the results of a contest with really innovative solutions was presented. The waterfront park was one of the winners.  



The ‘Big U’ would run 10 miles, from Manhattan’s West 57th street south to the tip of the island (the Battery), and back up to East 42th street.

The system’s berms storm walls, and other structures shield several densely populated, economically active, low-laying neighborhoods from storm surges, while also providing new park and other public spaces.

The Big U includes ‘deployable walls’. Flipped down they  block storm surges and flooding. Flipped up, they can be decorated by neighborhood artists to create an inviting ceiling above the East River Esplanade, and lit at night to make the area safer for pedestrians.

Green Blue City

The green space will feature a variety of amenities, including walkways, cycling paths, swimming pools, an aquarium and fishing piers. But, according to the report from the ‘Daily Mail’, it will also “form a ribbon of protection around lower Manhattan.

The U-shape of the park will camouflage barriers and deployable walls. A win-win situation for citizens and the city when floods arrive at Manhattan.

The project’s initial phase may be finished in five years.


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