A sack full of energy beneath your floor

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“We have developed a very efficient pump. Yearly, only 1.500 kilowatt hours is needed.” This will save over 16,000 kWh of electricity!

A bag full of water, situated in the crawl space of your house holds you warm for three weeks during the dark winter season. This is what we all want, isn’t it?

The advantages of the Solar Freezer:

  • No gas needed
  • Not depending on the sun
  • Low fixed costs
  • Easy installation
  • European product

“Well, it is not applicable in every home,” says Floris Wolters. Together with his brother Roderick, he invented the Freezer Solar, an innovative heat storage system. Floris and Roderick took the old idea of ​​a heat pump. But they have added the heat storage system, making the it even more attractive.

The Solar Freezer cools the water as a refrigerator does: as the water in the refrigerator gets colder, the warmth that is extracted from the water is released at the outside of the refrigerator. This heat can be used to heat your home. The water in the Solar Freezer is not a refrigerator. It’s a “bag” of five or six cubic meters which can be placed in the crawl space of a house.

Sun energy

To save much energy with the Solar Freezer, the system uses the fact that the transition from liquid water to ice at zero degrees yields a lot of energy (or costs, if you want to make ice water again). When the sun heats your water when you need it, it supplies heat with the heat pump again.
In the dark winter period, the heat-storage must be sufficient to bridge the sunshine gap.

Little stream

The system uses power for the heat pump, but which is relatively little.

“We have developed a very efficient pump. Yearly, only 1.500 kilowatt hours is needed.” This will save over 16,000 kWh of electricity!

The Solar Freezer uses low-temperature radiators and floor heating. This system can be used in a lot of houses, but not everywhere … ”


An observant reader sent me a link to an article about the use of rainwater as a source of heat, and that technique is very similar to that of the Solar Freezer.

However, according to co-inventor of the Solar Freezer Floris Wolters, there is one crucial difference:

In his system, we use the energy of phase change: the transfer of water of zero degrees to ice of zero degrees and reverse: “Thanks to this energy, we can Bridging an entire winter without extra energy.”


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