ACE remanufactures electrics as new

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Remanufacturing saves money and raw materials

ACE Wrap Technology has been specializing for decades in the overhaul and repair of your electric motors. They can also rewrap this electronic drives. Often, worn or defective drives are discarded, while they can be repaired.

We need to remanufacture in order to save valuable raw materials. Besides, an overhaul of electric motors extend the life of the actuators.

Goal: spare raw materials. For instance: when motors are dumped in the recycling industry, they often melt the iron with the valuable copper. This means the copper is lost and the quality of the iron is much worser if you compare it with raw iron.

Even with a repair of electric motors ACE will return all parts in a perfect condition. Remanufacture your engines will extend the long life time and saves the cost of purchasing a new electric motor.

Make improvements

With a repair or overhaul of electric motors, they even make improvements. Doing this, your risk of wear and failure will be reduced considerably. All activities are done in an advanced factory, by real specialists. If necessary, ACE not only carries out an overhaul or repair of electric motors, they can also rewind it. Optionally, the engine can also be made suitable for the use of another voltage.

Lower costs

An overhaul or repair of electric motors is much cheaper than replacing your electric motors. ACE offers a complete service to keep the prices as low as possible and your electric motors in excellent condition. ACE is the perfect partner for corrective maintenance, and preventive maintenance.


ACE Reuse Technology
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Horst – the Netherlands
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