Actiam investigates Carbon emissions funds

Actiam investigates Carbon emissions fundsActiam has made an overview of the carbon footprint of all its investment funds.

Last year, the asset manager has achieved a 2.25 percent carbon reduction. 


Actiam is the first Dutch asset manager which presents the CO2 footprint of all its funds.

Dennis van der Putten, Head of Responsible Investing at Actiam: “The objective of Actiam is to contribute to a viable world with a responsible investment policy, for the present and for the future. In order to realize this, we committed ourselves to the overall goal of the climate agreement of Paris, maximum 2 degrees rise in temperature.”

The asset manager translated the 2 degrees goal to their investments. The firm intends to build a portfolio with funds which have decreased their emissions with 25 percent by 2025.

This requires understanding of the total CO2 footprint of our investments. That’s why we made this overview.

Van der Putten argues that the mapping of the total CO2 emissions per fund gives the firm insights where the climate impact of Actiam’s investments focuses and where (environmental) profit can be achieved.

“In implementing our policies, with a focus on climate, water and land, we want to motivated companies to act more sustainable”, according to Van der Putten.

To achieve 25% reduction, Actiam intents to influence companies with several methodes.

  • The asset manager influences as a shareholder
  • In addition, the group integrates sustainability factors for investment decisions and rewards the innnovators
  • Furthermore, Actiam excludes entities from investments
  • The asset manager wants to collaborate with other investors and organizations with similar intentions

Sustainable investments

In the past, Actiam has already taken various actions to achieve the Carbon target. An example is the announcement earlier this year to exclude coal mining from all investment portfolios and index funds. The asset manager also conducts discussions with companies to promote green energy investments.


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