Again BP cuts 4000 jobs

BP plans to skip 4000 jobs in 2016

It’s a hard life; you’ve got to be aggressive. In a tool pusher’s or driller’s eyes, every second spent on the rig floor is showtime, and it’s all recorded

Again, British Petroleum will skip 4000 jobs. The reason for this is the still falling oil prices.

For the same reason, last year about 1000 people lost their job.

The company will reduce its worldwide upstream workforce to less than 20,000. The cuts include 600 people working at North Sea projects: they’ll lose their positions over the next two years, with the majority in the first year.

High salaries and dwindling reserves make the North Sea one of the most expensive location for oil production in the world.

Oil price

According to analysts, the drop in oil prices will continue.

Already Morgan Stanley notes that the price of oil might fall to $ 20 per barrel might come.

Now the price of a barrel crude oil is $ 30 (70% less than in June last year).
Yesterday, the price went even briefly to $ 30 per barrel of crude oil


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