Almere: sustainable residential area with natural water treatment

Almere: sustainable residential area with natural water treatmentAlmere, a large city in the Netherlands starts with the development of an ecological residential area.

The future residents will live in an ecological area with energy-efficient homes and where waste water treatment is organized naturally.


The houses in the ecological district in Almere will be developed with well-insulated facades, triple glass and wooden windows. In addition, wall heating is combined with solar panels and integrated ventilation. According to the developers, the CO2 impact is less than 10 percent compared with a regular house of concrete and steel.

Willows for water purification

Willows purify waste water by themselves. Therefore, a sewage connection is unnecessary. The water is purified using a odorless helophyte filter. This is a natural filter with reeds, willows, sand and shells where the waste water passes through. The willow forest uses the nutrients from the water. Then the water is clean enough to be discharged into the stream on the ground.

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Urban agriculture

The design of the district the architects has been thought about urban agriculture. In the ecological district, residents can create an orchard or their own vegetable garden. It is also possible to keep animals.


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