App Cuts Sprinkler Water

App Cuts Irrigation Water

The system is ​said to save 50 ​–​70% of ​landscape water ​consumption. And please, use grey water for irrigation

This mobile App saves up to 70% allowing users to customize and control their irrigation systems from their phone. 

Never been easier to commit to a sustainable community. Even when you are not at home!

What if you lawn needs to be watered and you are not at home? 

Mobile app

Novato-based ​ETwater has laughed a ​mobile app that ​allows users to ​customize and ​control their ​irrigation ​systems from ​their phone. ​

The Utility ​app provides a ​birds-eye view ​of users’ ​yards and ​landscape. The ​program allows ​automated ​scheduling, ​access to ​irrigation ​history, and ​remote ​monitoring and ​adjustment for ​irrigation ​systems. The ​program also ​alerts users of ​broken valves, ​and clogged or ​broken pipes.​

50 ​–​70% savings

The system is ​said to save 50 ​–​70% of ​landscape water ​consumption. Try this free demo download.

Link to the white paper

The app provides ​insights into ​where you are ​wasting water.

ETwater, (​derived from ​evapotranspiration​)​, is a 14-year ​old tech ​company that ​designs and ​manufactures ​wireless ​controllers and ​Web-based ​irrigation ​management ​systems, which ​it sells them ​through ​distributors. ​It specializes ​in sustainable ​irrigation with ​cloud-based ​platform ​services. ​

​The app also ​gives the user ​access to order ​other services ​and products ​from the ​company. ​

Satellite images

From a ​satellite image ​of their yard, ​users

  • map their ​landscape ​preferences by ​selecting their ​plants, ​sprinkler type, ​and degree of ​shade
  • as the ​system collects ​more data about ​a particular ​lawn and the ​climate, it ​learns to make ​predictions ​about how much ​water the ​plants actually ​need
  • sensors ​incorporate ​external ​sources of ​information, ​such as current ​weather data ​and even ​weather ​forecasts

People ​who have ​different zones ​in their yard, ​like flower ​beds or trees, ​people who ​really care ​about this ​stuff are ​attracted to ​our service. ​

Modular system

Later this ​year the ​company plans ​to roll out ​other products ​that control ​outdoor ​lighting, and ​that integrate ​with other ​operating ​systems. ​Another app ​will provide ​image ​recognition, ​allowing the ​user point ​their ​phone’s ​camera at turf ​and receive an ​analysis of the ​soil. ​


Novato, California
T. 1-800-438-3400


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